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Read Galatians 5:1-6
1) Where should we stand fast at? (1)
2) Who has made us free? (1)
3) What shouldn’t we do? (1)
4) If you become circumcised what value will Christ be? (2)
5) If circumcised you are debtor to what? (3)
6) What had the Church at Galatia become what with Jesus? (4)
7) Why is that? (4)
8) This has caused them what? (4)
9) Those through the Spirit eagerly wait for what? (5)
10) What does it matter if you are circumcised or not circumcised in Christ? (6)
11) What does avail? (6)

Instead holding and standing firm on the old law, we stand fast on liberty in which Christ has made us free. So if we go back to the old law, we will be entangled again in this yoke of bondage. But what’s worse is that these Christians, who have gone back to the old way, have “FALLEN FROM GRACE”. That is they are not in God’s grace. Paul, inspired by Holy Spirit tells all of us, that it doesn’t matter if you’re circumcised or uncircumcised, what matters is, faith working through love.

Read Galatians 5:7-15
12) Did they run well? (7)
13) What question does Paul ask them? (7)
14) Where doesn’t this persuasion come from? (8)
15) A little leaven does what to the whole lump? (9)
16) What two things does Paul have confidence in? (10)
17) What is going to happen to the person who is troubling them? (10)
18) Does Paul know who the person is? (10)
19) Is Paul still suffering persecution? (11)
20) If not what has ceased? (11)
21) What have we been called to? (13)
22) What shouldn’t we do with Liberty? (13)
23) But what should we use it for? (13)
24) What word, or saying is the law fulfilled? (14)
25) What should we beware of if we devour each other? (15)

Paul talks that what they are doing (in going back to the old law) was not just a bad idea but sin. They fallen from grace (5), Paul ask them who hindered them from obeying the truth (7). If we teach the truth we will suffer persecution, and if we don’t teach the truth the offense of the cross will cease. Remember that the word of God isn’t always pleasant for those who hear it. Paul then explains that this liberty we have, isn’t something that we can yield around for our own pleasure. But we use our liberty to love each other. We serve one another. If we don’t, and become “self righteous” we will bite devour one another, and we must be aware of that.

Read Galatians 5:16-26
26) How should we walk? (16)
27) If we do this what won’t be fulfilled? (16)
28) What do the flesh and the spirit have in common? (17)
29) Paul talks about works of the flesh (the list) has he told them before? (21)
30) If you practice these things what won’t happen? (21)
31) What is one thing that is different from the work of the spirit and works of flesh? (19, 22)
32) **what would you rather do the work(s) of the flesh or Spirit? ** What sounds more appealing?
33) Is there a law against the work of Spirit? (23)
34) Those of Christ have done what? (24)
35) If we live in the Spirit what else should we do? (25)
36) What shouldn’t we become? (26)
37) Doing what? (26)

Now that we have this liberty, we need to love one another, and Paul explains that there is two ways that we can walk the works of the flesh, and work of the Spirit. One will hinder us from inheriting the Kingdom of God (going to Heaven) and one there is no law. Notice that the work of the Spirit, that there is no “S” at the end of it. We must do, or try and attempt to do all of them for us to walk in the Spirit. And we must crucify the flesh so we can be children of God. And so we must walk in the Spirit, not provoking and envying one another.?

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