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Read Galatians 3:1-9
1) Paul asked them who____ that you should not obey the truth? (1)
2) Did they have clear understanding about Jesus and his crucified? (1)
3) What question does Paul ask the Galatians? (2)
4) Who supplies the Spirit and the miracles? (5)
5) How does He do it, ____? Work of the law, or faith. (6-7)
6) Who are we sons of ? (7)
7) The scriptures foreseen what? (8)
8) Those of faith are blessed how? (9)

We are told tells the church at Galatia that they are foolish, for having the Spirit but turning back to the old way. That their labor will be in vain if they are to go back to the old way (remember that they are telling the gentiles that they need to be circumcised). Paul then brings ups Abraham and how we are seeds through him.

Read Galatians 3:10-14
9) Those who of the work of____ are under what? (10)
10) *(harder question); what passage did Paul quote in verse 10?
11) Are people justified by the law in the sight of God? (11)
12) How should the just live? (12)
13) Christ redeemed us from what? (13)
14) The blessing of Abraham has come to whom? (14)

The old law was a curse, (many rules and sacrifices to remember, and only for a select group). The new law is something so much better. We are justified by faith, in Jesus Christ, not by a bunch of laws that we have to remember.

Read Galatians 3:15-25
15) Paul speaks how? (15)
16) What is confirmed (15)
17) Who was the promise made to? (16)
18) How many seed(s) are they? (16)
19) Who is the seed (s)? (16)
20) How old was the law when Paul wrote this? (17)
21) The Law cannot annual what? (17)
22) Why? (17)
23) What purpose did the Law serve? (19)
24) Whom was it appointed by, through whom? (19)
25) God is how many? (20)
26) Who received the promise? (22)
27) How did we receive the promise? (22)
28) What came before faith? (23)
29) the law was what? (24)
30) Since faith came we are no longer under what? (25)

Paul, tells us that the law did serve a purpose, it was to take care of the transgression till the
Seed comes again, the seed being Jesus, who is God. The Law wasn't useless, yet it was tutor, a schoolmaster. It helped us learn what God wants from us. But now that Jesus has come we are no longer under the old law but we are under something much better.

Chapter 3: 26-29
31) How are we all sons?
32) Who or what are we baptized into? (a) The law, (b) Christ (C ) the Church (27)
33) In doing so we put on whom? (27)
34) Is there any one different if we are baptized in Christ? (28)
35) If we are Christ we are also what? (29)

Paul has talked a lot about faith in Jesus, but to get into Christ we must be baptized into Christ. That is the only way that we can put on Christ is through baptism. When we put on Christ we are all Christians, no matter where we were in life, no matter what culture, or level of income we are. We are all one, and we are the Abraham's' seed.

Galatians 3 Answers