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Read Galatians 2:1-5
1) How long did it take before Paul came back to Jerusalem? (1)
2) Who came along with Paul on this trip? (1)
3) Why did he go up there? (2)
4) Who else heard this gospel that Paul preached? (2)
5) Who did he preach to in private? (2)
6) Why did he do this in private? (2)
7) Where nationality is Titus? (3)
8) Did Titus get circumcised? (3)
9) Who was teaching that you had to be circumcised? (4)
10) How did they come in? (4)
11) What were they taking away?
12) If you followed them it would (will) put you were?
13) Did Paul cave in at all when it came to this false doctrine? (5)

Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit, now starts to get into the heart of the matter. There were some in the church at Galatia who were preaching and teaching that you couldn't be saved unless you are circumcised. Thus they then tried to disregard Paul authority at as an Apostle. Notice that when false doctrine is being taught that it comes in quietly and the damage that it can bring. We must not budge when it comes to the truth. We must be bold and teach the Truth it in a loving way.

Read Galatians 2:6-10
14) What does Paul think of those who think of themselves at something? (6)
15) How does God view people? (6)
16) What did they see? (7)
17) Does this work (the gospel) work effectively toward gentiles as well as the Jews? (8)
18) Who went with Paul in teaching the gospel? (9)
19) What was their only desire? (10)
20) What was Paul’s attitude toward their desire? (10)

Paul tells them how the gospel, was taught and how it is effective for both the Jews and the gentiles. And that if we open our eyes we can see that we all need to be saved and need to work for a common ground (for example, remembering the poor).

Read Galatians 2:11-21
21) Who had come to Antioch? (11)
22) What did Paul do to him? (11)
23) Why? (11)
24) Who was Peter eating with? (12)
25) Who showed up to cause Peter to leave them? (12)
26) Why did he leave them? (12)
27) Was Peter the only one? If not who else? (13)
28) Did this affect anyone? (13)
29) What does Paul call their actions in this? (13)
30) How does Paul address Peter (privately or publicly)? (14)
31) What does he ask Peter? (14)
32) We are not justified by what? (16)
33) But by what? (16)
34) What happens if we try to be justified ourselves?
35) How did Paul “die”? (19)
36) Why he do that? (19)
37) Paul was what to Christ? (20)
38) Who lives in Paul?
39) What would happen if righteousness comes through the law?

Paul tells us how easily and how harmful false doctrine can be. How Peter was moved by fear and this fear can cause us to sin by caving into the false doctrine. And not only us but others to follow after it like Barnabas did with Peter. When we see false teaching we need to address it. We must not try to justify ourselves but be justify by Christ.?

Chapter 2 Answers