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Read Galatians 1:1-10
1) Paul is what? (1)
2) He received this from whom? (1)
3) And what else did God the father do? (1)
4) Who gave Himself for our sins? (4)
5) And what did that deliver us from? (4)
6) Whose will was this? (4)
7) Why did Paul marvel? (6)
8) Is turning away from to a different gospel as good as another? (7)
9) There are some who trouble you by doing what? (7)
10) Who should be accursed? (8)
11) Paul restates the same idea in verse 9, so is this idea important to God and to Paul?
12) Those who preach other gospels are trying to persuade who?
13) Who should we please?
14) If we pervert the gospel to please man we can’t be called what?

Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit is warning us that there will be those who will twist, pervert the word of God. They will do it to persuade and please man, and not God. And not only that, but there will be those who will turn away from the gospel to follow these men. We don’t need to follow man, (your favorite teacher, preacher, or “religious author”) but know and follow God and His Will.

Read Galatians 1:11-17
15) The gospel Paul preached is no according to whom? (11)
16) Paul didn’t receive it or taught it by man but by Whom? (12)
17) Paul did what to the Church while he was in Judaism (13)
18) And how far was he willing to go? Trying to do what? (13)
19) Did Paul take his faith in Judaism seriously (14)
20) How did Paul state this? (14)
21) Who did it please to call Paul to his grace?
22) Who did God reveal to Paul?
23) Who did Paul preach to?
24) Paul didn’t go with the other apostles in Jerusalem but went where?

The church at Galatia, were claiming that Paul wasn’t a true apostle, so that they could disregard what the Gospels says. Paul makes it clear to them that he was the Jew’s Jew. How his former conduct was in Judaism’s but how God, not man, revealed to him Jesus. This and how God wanted him to preach to the Gentiles.

Read Galatians 1:18-24
25) How long did Paul stay in Damascus? (18)
26) Who did he see in Jerusalem? (18)
27) For how long? (18)
28) Who was the only other apostle Paul saw? (19)
29) And who was he kin to? (19)
30) Where did Paul go after that? (21)
31) Did they know who Paul was? (22-23)
32) What was their reaction when they heard Paul was preaching the faith? (23-24)

Paul tells the church at Galatia that he wasn’t preaching the gospel according the apostle but of God. How he went to Syria and Cilicia and they glorified God knowing that this once cruel man had repented of his ways and is a worker for the Lord.?

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